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Private Taxi Driver INSEAD Fontainebleau

If you need Cab in INSEAD Fontainebleau (service of  Taxi premium)

In case you need a taxi driver on INSEAD,  is pleased to welcome you to our dedicated website. Need Cab at INSEAD Fontainebleau in the 77 ? Our company offer transport and shuttle services to and from railway stations and airports in the Paris region.

Need Cab INSEAD Fontainebleau
Your private driver INSEAD Fontainebleau

Above all, a personal welcome is offered when you get off the airport for instance. So you need a car in INSEAD Fontainebleau ?  The best price of the race is known before departure and regardless of the duration, traffic congestion, the number of people carried or the number of luggage, the price is fixed before the service. Therefore no surprise ! In other words, our chauffeurs do not just take you from point A to point B. In our perfectly maintained and reliable vehicles, you will be the focus of our care and attention: for instance, drinks, free wi-fi on board, newspapers, charger for your mobile phone…

Nowadays, it is better to choose a VTC rather than a traditional taxi. Indeed, more and more people use a private driver because the quality of service is much better from all points of view. You no longer have to worry about traffic flowing since the rate stays the same. Therefore, the private driver is always punctual because he only works by reservation in advance. The schedule is always established in advance.

Chauffeured cars in Fontainebleau and the whole of the 77 region

First of all, see our prices for the main cities in the Paris region. We offer packages or rates calculated per kilometer. Use our price estimator to find out the price of your trip. This rate is calculated to be as low as possible with no additional costs added later. Your taxi driver at Fontainebleau is always available to offer you the most suitable vehicle for your situation.

Especially since we are number one in zone 77. You can see it through this Google link: CHAUFF’HEURE VIP

Likewise, you will never have unpleasant surprises, and you will have the guarantee of optimal safety in a high-end car, accompanied by a premium service specially dedicated for you. In addition, a form is available to request a personalized quote: contact us.

Since your time is precious, we are committed to getting back to you within 12 hours. You will therefore receive your personalized quote by email.

Do you have a trip from or to INSEAD Fontainebleau for Roissy CDG or Orly airport? You will benefit from advantageous rates specially applied for this purpose. After all, we travel all over France, all the drivers in our company are professionals and are available when you need them.

To conclude, you can contact us by email: or by SMS or WhatsApp: +33 618 332 174 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).


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